The health and longevity of your company ensure you have a close watch on the brand’s consumer perception. There are more opportunities for people to speak about you than ever, but thankfully, online brand tracking and a clear knowledge of how people feel about your brand were never easier to watch your brand names.

What is brand monitoring?

Brand surveillance is an operation to determine where your brand is listed by monitoring numerous channels. Knowing when and how people speak about your products can allow you to understand how people understand it and to gain useful feedback. You should also keep an eye on possible crises and answer questions or criticisms before they get out of hand.

Brand surveillance vs. Social listening

Although social surveillance focuses only on the coverage of the brand on social media, brand monitoring covers both social media and everyone else. Brand monitoring blends social tracking with ways to track brand names on other NSM platforms and gain feedback from consumers.

Why brand surveillance matters

As a company, what the audience you represent is important to care about. Any of the debates that you see about your brand may not be appropriate, but it does help you appreciate the general opinions of your business and your goods. Your public image and your response to public feedback will play an incredibly important role in brand creation.

Here are a few ways in which brand surveillance can affect your company.


Brand tracking will help you appreciate the overall feel for your brand. An evaluation of the emotions explores the particular vocabulary of your brand commentary which will inform you whether you have a positive, negative or negative feeling towards your brand.

This is a perfect way to read across the lines and see how people, in general, respond to certain tweets, campaigns or your brand. Tools such as Sprout Social monitoring allow you to get a thorough feeling study. Sprout’s social listening solutions incorporate feedback and statements in your post to create a rundown of the emotions you have about your brand.

Crisis prevention and credibility

Monitoring your brand can help you keep a high profile and deal with consumer complaints until they are out. Hearing online reports, suggestions and a mechanism to fix and manage these challenges will boost consumer interest in the brand and illustrate that you are worried with what our consumers think. Reputation is the key to brand value.

Establish two paths for contact

It is so much easier to react when you know where people speak about your brand. Your audience is seen in public to hear the feedback or suggestions that you are listening actively.

It also reveals that you can answer questions and help consumers quickly. It can feel like your brand isn’t available or may not listen to reviews if you lose the opportunity to answer questions or criticism online.

Identify content created by the user

Content created by users will compliment your content strategy greatly. You will see who shares your brand material by watching your brand mentions. It is also a fantastic way to discover potential influencers who are real brand ambassadors and who are the catalyst of new posts for the social media platforms.

How are you expected to track for brand elements?

It is tenting to track any mention of your company anywhere people talk about it while monitoring your brand. However, what you track and the platforms you want to keep an eye on is crucial to be deliberate. This keeps you from obtaining overwhelming quantities of data from which conclusions cannot be made and allows you to gain more information on the findings.

Below platforms that you have to monitor are:

1.Media online

2.Both channels for social media

3.Reddit and Quora web communities

4.Sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp for online review.

5.Media Print (if you have the resources to check relevant publications actively)

Be sure to monitor all the elements of your company, as well as the correct platforms, that can receive ads. Choose which products are appropriate for your brand and business when selecting which ones to track. Here are a few of the main brand elements to track your brand’s speak.

Variations of brand names

List all the ways in which people refer to your brand. This can include nicknames, blog names and other terms synonymous with the brand. Some people which use numerous orthographs or abbreviations of your name, so you need to monitor all the variants which you recognize. Keyword analysis on the existence of your products will help you spot inconsistencies and even common misplacements.

Besides changing your brand name, it is also useful to monitor changes in your campaigns or product names in case you get advertising or remarks that relate to certain different facets of your brand. This allows you to keep aware of the conversations surrounding your company even though brand profiles are not listed explicitly by your audience.

Your Competitors

It is a smart idea to know what the rivals are up to and how their viewers debate ensuring the current content in the industry is up to date. You should evaluate your rivals to decide how your company compares other brands in your market.

You may do a competitor study using many online brand tracking applications to measure how the social media presence is relative to others. The competitor’s report by Sprout allows you to assess your presence on all channels to chart the changes over time.

Follow up the assessments over time, along with the information gathered from brand tracking, to see how anything, from business headlines to content plan shifts, impacts the growth and dedication of your audience.

Brand surveillance will also allow you to consider the effect of particular strategies, including alliances and initiatives that you have integrated into your larger approach. You can seize these things and monitor them to learn what kinds of campaigns and reactions have been successful, which ones did not resonate with your public if you created hashtags for these activities or tagged your posts in Sprout.

Buzzwords & Top search trends

It’s a very smart idea to watch trends or buzzwords in your company if you’re in a particular niche. And if you don’t specifically discuss your brand in these talks, it would allow you to hear what your industry is thinking. It can also be a strong catalyst for new ideas or for creative ways to take part in the dialogue.

Joining in forums which are not just customer support or complaint-driven shows your brand is engaged in your entire industry, just as your niche dedicated audience is interested in the latest news or trends.

CEOs and KOLs

In addition, you should track public figures or speakers for your brand or a particular campaign. Ensure the CEO or the other influential celebrities affiliated with your brand tracks conversations. While the news of a person does not apply specifically to companies, how someone is represented in media within your organization may have an effect on your entire brand perception.

The importance of brand surveillance

Brand tracking will ease the recognition of the brand feelings by people. This expertise will educate your marketing choices and allow you to build strategies that your audience enjoys. If you are able to identify adverse comments, you can give support and answers more quickly and monitor the post. The more you track, the greater the understanding of your market and how the brand compete.

How Backlink.Watch helps on Brand Listening / brand surveillance?

Feature 1: Brand Tracker (Keyword tracking)

Brand tracking is a marketing practice which measures the effect on perception and sales of brand campaigns. Efficient software for brand trackers offers results from a wide range of outlets including blogs, newsagents and social media.

You can select your location and language to increase the accuracy of the results

The keywords that define a brand are the words people use to talk about it online, such as:

  • Brand names
  • Brand abbreviations
  • Misspelled brand variations
  • Slogans
  • Hashtags
  • Product names

Feature 2: Monitor Top Influencers who mentions your brand

Features 3: Realtime Alert and reporting

Tracking of brands is as relevant as digital marketing of any sort. Fit your campaign plan with brand monitoring measures so that you can collect useful input from the web and on social networks.

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