What is Mautic?

Mautic specializes in marketing automation applications for small businesses and micro markets. It was launched in 2007 in Boston and employed more than 883 total employees on LinkedIn. Mautic is a fully accessible marketing automation technology that can be a viable replacement for your existing SaaS email and marketing automation service.

It helps you to set up efficient automatic email and protocols. Your data is confidential throughout the process. Many marketing consultants used this for all of their marketing automation solutions after changing from an extravagant SaaS provider a few years ago.

Mautic Features

Mautic provides comprehensive marketing automation functionality such as sending email outreach, audience segmentation, opt-in creation, and more.

It also has valuable extras like revenue analysis, social media marketing automation, analytics of ROI, etc. Moreover, the platform serves several common third-party exchange platforms. It provides users access to numerous markets worldwide, allowing expert advice or a customized digital trading tactic. It is a global leader emphasizing creativity. The company is continuously searching for different methods to develop and sustain its strategic advantage.

The company provides comprehensive marketing automation functionality such as sending email outreach, audience segmentation, opt-in creation, and more.

Aritic PinPoint is another good option when thinking of investing in Mautic. Pinpoint Aritic is an overall automation application framework for marketing consultants or SMBs.

Why Switch to Marketing Automation?

Mautic digital marketing simplification is one of the most efficient marketing automation programs currently available. As a fully accessible solution, a monthly fee is not necessary – just maintenance and hosting. Since the company manages your virtual private database, you have full authority over your information. It ensures that a third-party vendor is unable to resell or control your data.

  • Effective advertising and marketing automation functions that can compete with the most costly SaaS solution service provider.
  • CRM elements are noticeable, for example, stage and lead-scoring.
  • Forms as well as landing page creator included
  • Send mail across a wide range of services, namely Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Custom SMTP networks, etc.
  • Proprietary data. You have access to the data because you can store it on your computer.
  • Cost-effective compared with conventional automation and CRM systems.
  • Simple to get on board.

We have the leading cloud management and experts to help you set up Mautic. We are an official collaborator and partner of Acquia.

Customer Support Assistance

Before you spend your time and resources, you must know that Mautic has a strong track history in the industry of marketing automation. It is the top-rated marketing automation solution. Founded in 2007 and operating for 14 years, Mautic has its headquarters in Boston.

Customer support is very significant when it comes to marketing automation. When spending in and running a marketing automation company like Mautic, excellent customer service is crucial. Customer support requires assistance in implementing, training, configuring, upgrading, and discontinuing services or products. It should provide customer service that includes direct phone calls, live customer chat sessions, and email client support.

Pricing and Fees

Marketing automation tools can be costly, so let’s look at the Mautic costing below.


Mautic Is the Ideal Way To Get Started With Marketing Automation

It’s open-source, and developers groups are always supportive. Experts who know Martech had a hand in designing Mautic. It offers you a suitable setup on your way to it. Undoubtedly helpful to start with and even thrive with in the field of marketing automation. It allows marketing automation to be easy. Mautic has a nice interface layout for any element that performs well when you understand it. Email provider integrations are perfect once you’ve configured them.

Mautic’s marketing automation is enticing, perceived by consumers when compared to Hubspot pricing. The analytics and monitoring of user-profiles are fantastic. It comprises the UX of their project builder, which many other big players don’t have. Pricing is also well below the other major competitors. It’s convenient to use and install. You can alter it according to your preference and activate it on your databases. From campaign planning to promotional asset monitoring and control, Mautic covers all. Extensive and engaging scalable contact and project management is an extra Mautic value.

However, a few bugs are present. You must check beforehand, but the bugs aren’t so severe. In a few cases, you will find the answer through the forums.

Pros and Cons

Some of the advantages are given below:

  1. Mautic has no adherence to licensing, and it has an open-source theory.
  2. Mautic is a powerful email marketing tool.
  3. Attain marketing automation at a lower cost.
  4. Mautic offers all the functionalities of a strong marketing automation solution provider.
  5. It has an active group of developers and an increasing network of assistants.
  6. Mautic is a useful tool for managing lead.

The inconvenience of using Mautic are as follows:

  1. Updates can often interrupt the email sequence, and adjustments are necessary.
  2. It does not help with the progression of profiles in forms.
  3. You need to learn the onboarding process and use the tool productively.
  4. It remains a little behind the rivals in terms of compatibility with other service providers.

Final Verdict

Interpretation and usage of marketing automation tools like Mautic can be challenging. A significant consideration for marketing consultants and business owners to understand when searching for marketing automation like Mautic is the assistance and learning sources that the marketing automation solution provider can offer. Pick a marketing automation software that is an industry pioneer with a well-performed and well-recognized tech platform.

Don’t tense about operating the Mautic platform; rest assured Mautic is a marketing automation tool you can rely on, and we will provide all the necessary assistance along the way.