In 2021, which digital marketing tools will provide the most benefit to digital marketers? To summarize, here’s a checklist of 12 essential tools that may assist your marketing agency. Establish a competitive edge and gain more customers. Implement management practices for data tracking and reporting.

Below is a list of the top 12 digital marketing tools in 2021 to aid your business:

  1. For team collaboration – Asana
  2. For marketing calendaring schedule – CoSchedule
  3. Tracking data, analysis, and reporting – Whatagraph
  4. To integrate business content – Xtensio
  5. For quickly creating landing pages – Unbounce
  6. For easy user testing – Userbrain
  7. To design and test UX – Adobe XD
  8. To develop powerful marketing funnels – Funnelytics
  9. Different types of outreach –
  10. For integrating platforms – Zapier
  11. For referrals – Influitive ( or Ambassador)
  12. SEO optimization and content marketing – SEMRush

Every second is significant for any digital marketing agency because they face challenges with client acquisition and time management. Hence, you struggle with time management.

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To be safe, you need to take intelligent measures. How can you do that? By using the correct tools. You can save many hours of hard labour only by using the right tool. Deliver quality work and impress your clients. So, let’s start with the checklist of tools.

12 Essential Digital Marketing Tools:

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1) For digital marketing team collaboration – Asana:

Asana is a competitor of Slack. Furthermore, most people use Asana more than Slack. When it comes to team task management, Asana offers agency collaboration templates to attract your valuable client. However, if you face difficulties with both Asana and Slack, you can check FunctionFox. It has fantastic reviews on the internet.

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2) For digital marketing calendaring schedule – CoSchedule:

Do you want to manage your social media calendar properly? Also, do you want to work tirelessly on WordPress? Do not fear; CoSchedule is here! It will allow you to create calendaring schedules to stay ahead of time. You can also plan and collaborate. Also, get your content approved in minutes. Moreover, CoSchedule comes with a 14-day free trial. You can always try it.

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3) For tracking data, analysis, and reporting – Whatagraph:

Clients want project success. Therefore, you need to define your results. That’s where you need a good reporting tool. Marketers built it. Nonetheless, Whatagraph knows how to illustrate details to your clients and make them happy. You can do the following with Whatagraph:

  • Manage different client accounts simultaneously.
  • Manage numerous marketing platforms for one specific client.
  • Schedule automated delivery reports.
  • Share reports through email.
  • Personalize your branding, etc.

Whatagraph serves a wide range of functionalities starting from social media management to email marketing, PPC advertising, etc. What makes it stand out from other tools? The uniqueness of the drag-and-drop editor and the feature to deliver and merge multiple channel reports. Overall, it is one of the best digital marketing agency tools for reporting.

4) To integrate digital marketing content – Xtensio:

Do you need to present, create and share business assets? Xtensio makes team collaboration easy. Overall, you can check reports, proposals and strategy exercises just in time. Start with an easy-to-use template or create one on your own. Furthermore, add images, charts, graphs, and other interactive material in one snap.

Also, you can even preach your brand taste. Just specify colours and text fonts to your preference. Keep your team updated with living documents known as folios. You can share live public links in one go. Therefore, let the private Xtension team dashboard simplify your daily tasks for you to pick up your work pace.

5) For quickly creating landing pages – Unbounce:

To begin with, build landing pages to increase conversions. One-stop method to increase revenue is by increasing conversions. That’s the primary requirement of any client. It takes a lot of time, effort, and energy to build landing pages. Not to mention, it’s a complex process. Streamline landing page difficulties with Unbounce. Unbounce is the go-to tool. You don’t need technical expertise. So, complete high-value projects with authority. Hence, create a win-win situation for both you and the client. Save cost and time with Unbounce.

6) For easy user testing – Userbrain:

Make user testing a crunchy experience with Userbrain. You can stay in control of your budget and perform user tests. For a one-time user test, it costs $29 for each user test. Never launch a campaign without user testing. With Userbrain, you no longer need to worry about failed ads like the 2019 Peloton ad. Attain marketing insurance with Userbrain. As a result, Userbrain makes sure every opinion counts.

7) To design and test UX – Adobe XD:

Need to demonstrate a prototype website to your clients? It might be the only way to win their trust. Adobe XD can do the task for you. It is a wireframe tool that takes care of building spectacular websites. So, pave the path for your colleagues and clients to express their feedback.

8) For powerful marketing funnels – Funnelytics:

For successful client projects, think big. Imagine a holistic approach and do the things to make your funnel work. Let Funnelytics lend you a hand. Become the hero and close the hole of failure. Success is your duty. Hence, build hero-like funnels. Think big with this funnel-visualization digital marketing tool.

9) For different types of outreach –

This tool is best for outreach and link building. Therefore, find contact lists online and reach out to them quickly. You don’t have to use a spreadsheet any longer. Hence, build contact lists instantly.

10) For integrating platforms – Zapier:

Integrate different applications all in one go and automate the steps of your funnel. Zapier makes your funnel work better. Moreover, show efficiency with your data collection and tracking. For instance, notify your clients within a second for posting on Instagram. When you simplify your work steps, your projects are better off.

11) For referrals – Influitive ( or Ambassador):

For client referrals, you can use both of these tools. Manage B2B processes with these top-notch tools. To conclude, the number one source of client acquisition is referrals. Therefore, make it your vital area.

12) For SEO optimization and content marketing – SEMRush:

First of all, the SEO niche is highly competitive with highly-rated tools like Moz, Ahrefs, and SpyFu. However, SEMrush serves the overall purpose of competitor analysis, content marketing, and generating SEO reports ahead of all its competitors. Also, it starts at $99 every month. Notice, this amount is nothing if you have two to three clients requiring these services.